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Applicant Screening Assessments: Frequently Asked Questions


If you have questions about our Screening Assessments (formerly known as AppliTrack Fit), you’re in the right place! We’ve put together the questions we most frequently hear from school districts who are researching our screening tool.

What is it?

We know each position requires something different from candidates, and applicant screening tests aren’t “one size fits all.” The Screening Assessments (formerly AppliTrack Fit) within Frontline Recruiting & Hiring include specific tests to help you find the right candidate for every job type.

  • TeacherFit: Identify outstanding teachers
  • TeacherFit SE: Identify qualified special education teachers
  • TeacherFit Urban: Identify great teachers for urban schools
  • JobFit: Identify the best candidates for your support staff
  • AdminFit: Identify winning administrators

How do the assessments work?

Our prescreening assessments are based on research conducted by John Arnold, Ph.D. of Wayne State University and Neal Schmitt, Ph.D. of Michigan State University. The assessments work within Frontline Absence & Time to give you additional insight into each applicant’s suitability, weed out poor candidates and highlight top performers with the most potential to succeed in your district.

In addition, you can validate the assessments’ results by gauging teacher success with post-hire evaluation forms to assess employees after six and twelve months. These forms enable you or your administrators to gauge how well employees are meeting the criteria scored in their initial assessment, and allows you to track each employee’s pre- and post-hire performance.

Do applicants have to pay to take the assessments?

No. Some other vendors require applicants to pay in order to see the results of their assessment. But with our prescreening assessments, applicants are never asked to purchase anything or make any payment after completing the test.

Why isn’t it called AppliTrack Fit anymore?

After acquiring Aspex Solutions, we kept the name “AppliTrack.” But as we began to move toward a more holistic set of solutions instead of individual products to support improved collaboration in our customers’ organizations, we found that our old product names no longer supported our goal of offering a single integrated platform. So, we retired the AppliTrack name and replaced it with a more functional descriptor — now, AppliTrack Fit is simply Screening Assessments within Frontline Recruiting & Hiring.

What are some of the benefits of using our prescreening assessments?

Our applicant screening assessments take the guesswork out of selecting applicants, with research-based tools that gauge your applicants’ characteristics and compare them to known statistics of high-performing employees. You’ll gain confidence in your hiring decisions and more easily identify the candidates most likely to succeed in your district.

You can also support a fair selection and hiring process in your district. Our prescreening assessments are EEOC-compliant and pass the EEOC 4/5ths rule.

Does Frontline’s screening tool support compliant hiring practices?

Our assessments have been shown to treat all populations fairly. The TeacherFit assessment has been in use since 2008 and has been completed by hundreds of thousands of candidates across the country. As part of Frontline’s regular monitoring and continuous improvement activities, adverse impact reviews are conducted periodically to ensure our prescreening assessments pass the EEOC 4/5ths rule. If you’d like a detailed summary of adverse impact and how it relates to our assessments, just ask to see our Adverse Impact Review.

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Can I see the research behind Frontline’s prescreening assessments?

Yes, the research that went into developing these assessments is available upon request.

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How much do the assessments cost?

Our end goal is the same as yours — getting the best educators in the classrooms. Doctorate-level research and continuous software development are an investment. We know districts have to make a case for each tool they bring in, so we try to be sensitive to district budgets. While some companies charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for the same type of product, Frontline offers a significant return on investment and an affordable, scalable pricing system based on the size of your district.

What makes Frontline’s solution different?

Our tool was designed with K-12 school districts in mind, offering a simple-to-use product that’s just what you need, without being bogged down with unnecessary features you can’t use. Our prescreening assessments are driven by university-backed research and were made specifically to help you identify the best employees for your schools.

Our assessments leverage “machine learning,” which means that the longer you use it, the better it will understand which applicants are likely to succeed in your district. Our tool analyzes the data brought in by your applicants and “re-norms” itself based on those scores, so the more high-scoring applications you receive, the higher the bar will be raised for excellent scores on your assessment.

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