Screening Assessments

Take the guesswork out of selecting the best job applicants.

When you’re hiring, it’s crucial that you get the best candidate for every opening. After all, the people you hire can have a profound impact on students. With our applicant screening assessments (formerly AppliTrack Fit), you can take the guesswork out of the hiring process and find the right fit for each position.



Research-Based Assessments

Prevent frustration by weeding out unqualified applicants, and automatically highlight top performers with research-based tests.


Structured Interviews

Access interview questions based on each specific applicant’s assessment results and gain a deeper understanding of their capabilities.

EEOC-Compliant Hiring

Maintain and document a fair, defensible hiring process with our EEOC-compliant assessments.

Post-Hire Validation

Validate your hiring decisions and ensure that the best hire was made with post-hire performance surveys.

One solution for recruiting and hiring.

The hiring process can feel like a gamble, and it’s hard to know if you truly found the best person for the job. Our screening assessments validate your hiring decisions and help you ensure that you’ve found the best candidate — reducing the chance of accidentally overlooking your next top performer or being disappointed by an underachieving new hire.

As part of our complete recruiting and hiring solution, our screening assessments help you make sure that your hiring process supports both you and your people: from finding and hiring the best candidates, to getting them fully trained and ready for work.