Special Education Paperwork:
How Much Time Does It Really Take?

Data Reveals How Much Teacher Time is Spent on Paperwork vs. Instruction

It’s no surprise that special education teachers (SETs) are faced with a lot of ARD paperwork. What is surprising are the latest statistics on exactly how much time it takes to manage all of it. While there is a good reason for all of this paperwork, when does the administrative burden start affecting a teacher’s ability to plan and execute effective instruction?

7 Weeks Lost

Data shows that, on average:

  • Despite administrators’ efforts to support SETs, they can underestimate the time it takes for teachers to complete certain administrative tasks.
  • Up to half of an SET’s day is spent on paperwork; less than half of the day is spent on instruction.
  • Due in part to paperwork, SETs tend to spend about 20% of class time on instruction.
  • Technology is having an impact.

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