PD Absence

Are You Prepared for PD Absences?


You have teachers and staff taking absences for professional development all the time. In fact, data from the Frontline Research & Learning Institute shows that 11% of absences for employees requiring a substitute are for professional development. That’s a lot of absences — it’s a good thing your district is already using Absence Management to get those absences covered by a substitute if needed.

Unfortunately, research also shows that PD absences also tend to have significantly lower fill rates — a problem if you’re trying to provide your teachers with plenty of support, without sacrificing instructional time. It doesn’t help that over half of professionally-related absences requiring a substitute are reported less than 10 days before the absence occurs, leading to lower fill rates.

It doesn’t have to be like that in your district, though. PD absences are often planned well in advance — so why aren’t they being reported and prepared for early on, so the perfect substitute can be found?

PD Absences

That’s where Frontline Professional Growth comes in.



Our comprehensive professional development management system integrates with your Absence Management system to make filling PD absences even easier. Absence Management will automatically track absences entered in Frontline Professional Growth and even find a substitute, if needed.

Stop entering data twice, and save time knowing that Frontline’s solutions are working together to manage your educators’ professional development and absences — so you don’t have to.

More About Frontline Professional Growth

Our Professional Learning Management tool helps you manage and streamline every step of your educators’ professional development journey – creating a plan, tracking impact and empowering employees to take an active role in their own learning


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Streamline and manage every aspect of your employees’ professional development online with custom forms and workflows.


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Provide educators with the tools and data they need to plan and monitor their own professional growth.


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Track employee growth and certification compliance, expenses, goal progress and individual- and team-based learning with the click of a button.

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