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Support the entire employee lifecycle

Frontline's HRMS software 

empowers your HR team to drive talent, compensation, benefits and position management.

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Frontline's HRMS software empowers your HR team to drive talent, compensation, benefits and position management

I needed everything in one spot to be able to look at all aspects of an employee, from the day that they apply for a position all the way through the evaluation and support process till they retire.

Janette Stubbs

Human Resources Director, Iron County School District

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Fortify HR’s ability to be proactive from recruiting to retirement!

align with finance

Align with Finance

Ensure budget before kicking off recruiting efforts by customizing workflows that cater to your ideal HR processes.

control HR data

Proactively Recruit Talent

Gain the competitive edge to recruit, hire and onboard the outstanding talent your district deserves.

data management

Control HR Data

Inform precise workforce planning, organizational mapping and position management with comprehensive real-time data.

recruit top talent for your school district

Streamline Data Management

Applicants and employees self-serve personal, benefit and credential information so data is always at peak freshness.

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Stop feeling at the mercy of systems that don’t truly support district-wide HR management needs.

Paper or generic financial systems can’t predict school district needs:

  • Focus shifts from people to paperwork
  • A disparity emerges between district needs and resources
  • You lose out on candidates to more nimble districts

Human Resources deserves to feel human.

Too often, some aspects of the HR function are dependent on finance-driven systems or paper processes.

Finally, you can have systems that let you focus on people, not paperwork—to keep your employees engaged and retained!

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Learn how to become more nimble by rekindling the connections between your departments through a district-wide position management plan.

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Trusted by thousands.

Trusted by more than 12,000 educational organizations, Frontline can help you to automate all that paper! Imagine having HR solutions built for K-12, all in one place - from applicant tracking to onboarding to benefits administration to compensation and position management.

Frontline HRMS equips you with tools that work for you, not against you. Stop putting out fires, and instead focus on strategic HR work like engaging and retaining the best talent in your district.

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