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Frontline ERP

“With Frontline, our staff is finally able to track our staffing changes (incoming, outgoing and current) and match that data to our financials and state reporting. Being able to leverage that information is a great advantage.”

 – Kevin Bogue, Chief Information Officer, Tyler ISD

Frontline ERP helps you swiftly make sound financial decisions that support your district.

Whether it’s all-encompassing functions like position management and control, or intricate functionality like automating calculations of paid time versus worked time and defining a K12-specific chart of accounts, Frontline ERP is the one digital system that connects all the “data dots” for you.

We support you from recruiting to retirement, budget to spend, and from procure to pay.

With Frontline’s Enterprise Resource Planning software you can:

  • Manage HR, Finance and Payroll in a single role-based integrated system of record
  • Inform data-driven decisions with real-time dashboards and proven state/federal reporting
  • Make the best use of district funding and be a good steward of district resources
  • Inform precise workforce planning, organizational mapping and position management
  • Dive deeper than the general ledger with comprehensive contextual support behind every dollar spent
  • Swiftly recruit, hire and onboard great talent