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Downloadable Template:

School District Chart of Accounts

Download. Customize. Save & Print. It’s really that simple!

School District Chart of Accounts Mockup

Whether you’re new to school business, or have decades of experience, it’s important to have a chart of accounts that’s easy to understand and navigate.

That’s why we created this beautiful, comprehensive and completely customizable template designed specifically for the needs of K-12 schools.

In this template you’ll find a K-12 sample chart of accounts for tracking assets, liability, equity, revenue, and expenses for financial reporting, including:

  • Funds
  • Functions
  • Objects
  • Sub-Objects
  • Organizations
  • Program Intent Codes

All with the ability to add, remove, or edit any field throughout the entire chart of accounts example!

School business professionals constantly need to have their arms wrapped around assets, liability, equity, revenues and expenses for leagues of education-specific scenarios. Having access to real-time data that informs state and federal reporting – without costly code customizations – can be a complete game changer!

Want software that’s purpose-built for the needs of K-12 districts?

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