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Benefits Management: Is it Time for a Change?

When you think about your benefits management process, do the words flexible and accurate come to mind?

If you’re still managing employee information manually, then probably not. You know the struggles of tracking down files, making sure everything is submitted on time and fielding requests from employees. And you know that manual processes probably aren’t sustainable forever… but is it time to make a change?



Ready for more flexibility and accuracy without sacrificing control?

Benefits Management Software

What if district staff were able to enroll in benefits packages, update contact information and adjust qualifying life events from the comfort of their homes, at a time that best suits their schedule?

And what if, when they updated their contact information for their benefits, that update automatically applied to other important parts of your HR system?

With the Benefits Management self-serve employee portal, staff can digitally:

  • Select and enroll in benefits packages
  • Adjust life/qualifying events as situations change
  • Change contact information with the click of a button
  • Access pertinent information pertaining to individual plans

That means fewer in-service days spent filling out sheets of paper side-by-side with a benefits or HR representative. And with staff entering their own information, redundant data entry is eliminated, and data is more accurate (no more sticky notes addressed to system admins!).

Benefits Management is just one part of Frontline.

“We’ve been working toward going completely paperless, and we felt Frontline was an answer to finish out that goal. I think we’re going to be able to lose a lot of redundancy in functions we had by going to Frontline.” Robert Whitman, Assistant Superintendent of Human and Student Resources, Willis ISD

How going digital with Benefits Management empowers employees:

  • Your team saves time that could be better spent on more strategic initiatives
  • You can provide a greater level of support to employees
  • Your district moves toward more efficient, modern processes that can keep up with the expectations of today’s workforce
  • Countless trees are saved as the district adopts more sustainable, environmentally-friendly processes
Self-Diagnostic Workbook Powerpoint

Download this workbook to evaluate your district’s processes and highlight areas for improvement. Once completed, the workbook can be a powerful tool in showing district leaders why it’s time to upgrade your benefits management processes.

Get the Workbook