New Data-Driven Tool from Frontline Education Calculates School Budgetary Loss Due to Teacher Turnover

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Malvern, Pa. – August 16, 2018 – Frontline Education, an integrated insights partner to the education community, has launched a new tool for K-12 administrators to estimate budgetary loss due to teacher turnover. Experts say this gargantuan problem costs the U.S. education system billions annually with significant bearing on the ability of schools to put high-quality teachers in classrooms, straining existing resources and, ultimately, impacting student achievement.

The Teacher Turnover Calculator prompts education leaders to input data, including the number of teachers in the school or district, how many leave each year and recruiting expense per position. Frontline’s tool then evaluates personalized information such as retention rate, turnover costs to the school system and the amount of money that could have been saved by reducing turnover.

“This tool brings awareness to and understanding of the economic impact on districts as a result of teacher turnover,” says Elizabeth Combs, Managing Director of the Frontline Research & Learning Institute. “Frontline is committed to providing actionable insights to school districts. The calculator provides data in a clear way that we hope will encourage schools to adopt new strategies to better engage and support educators as a way of improving job satisfaction and retention.”

In addition to offering a window into the economic effect of attrition, the tool features a rich set of resources to help districts encourage greater teacher support, including eBooks, case studies and interactive content to help improve student and school system success.

Ensuring that teachers feel supported and have room for professional growth is key to reducing the rate of teacher turnover. Research conducted by Scholastic and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation revealed that 68 percent of teachers said supportive leadership is “absolutely essential” to teacher retention. Additional factors include evaluations based on multiple measures, professional development programs and providing teachers with time and resources to collaborate.

Chief Human Resources Officer of Kansas’ Blue Valley Schools Bob Kreifels notes that it is critical to provide this level of support to teachers as soon as they begin their career. “We have a full two-year mentorship program where we stay very closely connected to those teachers, because we know that’s the most critical time for them to experience success,” he says. Mentoring and investing in teachers from day one is imperative to creating a supportive environment that leads to job satisfaction and retention.

About Frontline Education:

Frontline Education is an integrated insights partner serving more than 12,000 educational organizations, over 80,000 schools and millions of educators, administrators and support personnel in their efforts to develop the next generation of learners. With nearly 20 years of experience serving the front line of education, Frontline Education is dedicated to providing actionable insights that enable informed decisions and drive engagement across school systems.

Bringing together the best education software solutions into one unified platform, Frontline makes it possible to efficiently and effectively manage the administrative needs of the education community, including their recruiting and hiring, absence and time management, professional growth, special education and employee records management. Frontline Education corporate headquarters are in Malvern, Pennsylvania, with offices in Andover, Massachusetts, Austin, TX, Rockville Centre, New York, Salt Lake City, Utah and Chicago, Illinois.

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