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Frontline Education Partners with States to Deliver Substitute Training Program Focused on Building Substitute Pool, Accelerating Fill Rates

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Online program supports states in addressing teacher shortage

Malvern, Pa., April 3, 2023 –Frontline Education, a leading provider of administration software purpose-built for educators in K-12, today announced expanded availability of its Substitute Training Program. Depending on regulations, the online offering can provide states the ability to deliver their K-12 school districts a program to increase substitute pools with qualified candidates, critical in today’s teacher-shortage environment. Currently, the states of Missouri, Montana and North Dakota are leveraging Frontline’s program.

Frontline’s Substitute Training Program is an equally effective option for states to consider either as an alternative to substitute certification programs that require a certain number of college credit hours or for the State Department of Education to sponsor even if certification requirements are not mandated by the state. Aligned to Interstate Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) standards, Frontline’s program consists of 13 courses requiring 20 hours to complete and opens the journey of becoming a well-prepared, successful substitute to a broader base of candidates.

“With innovation in our DNA and an unwavering commitment to support school leaders with administrative technology, we are constantly seeking ways to add value to K-12 operations, especially as staff shortages persist,” said Kevin Haugh, Chief Product Officer of Frontline Education. “Our substitute training program is made up of robust curriculum that adheres to technical standards for eLearning software products. Our client in Missouri saw a 61% increase in unique substitutes accepting jobs after completing Frontline’s training program. With expanded availability, more states can consider our program as a means to accelerate substitute fill rates, so student instructional time is not interrupted.”

The state of Missouri was the first client to leverage Frontline’s training program. They were facing a substitute teacher shortage, and the online training offered an additional option for those interested in being certified as a substitute teacher. The Missouri State Board of Education made substitute certification more accessible by approving an alternative route to become a substitute teacher through completion of a course of training developed for substitutes. To ensure high-quality training was provided, an advisory committee developed a rubric to determine the criteria and sought out a partner. Frontline Education was selected as the state’s partner to deliver the training and to prepare individuals to apply for a Missouri substitute teacher license.   

“Partnering with Frontline Education has helped us develop a strong strategy for addressing the teacher shortage by recruiting more substitute teacher applicants, making substitute training more attractive and effective, and helping to provide more stable learning environments for students,” said Paul Katnik, Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Educator Quality at the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  

Over 4,000 substitutes were added to the Missouri substitute pool in just six months after launch and more than 11,000 individuals have been certified through the alternative process for the past three years. Since many of the school districts also utilized Frontline’s absence management tool, Frontline was able to measure results based on feedback from principals and teachers that compared in-classroom performance. According to survey results, 92% of respondents indicated that Frontline-trained substitutes performed as well or better than traditionally trained substitutes.

Missouri substitutes who participated in the training program appreciate the alternate method, course objectives and interactive lessons. Several substitutes provided testimonies to support the effectiveness of the training.

  • “Frontline was a great training program and an excellent way to give those without the required minimum college credits [the opportunity] to become a substitute teacher!”
  • “The online training program equipped me to become a well-rounded teacher. Now, I am hired under a two-year certification program.”
  • “[The program] was very well put together and easy to maneuver.”
  • “Obviously, only actual experience can aid in the preparation to becoming a qualified teacher, but Frontline’s course is the best online training I have received in my professional career.”
  • “Training was great and covered any topic that would be necessary to know for classroom teaching and important for student learning.”
  • “This course was very practical and informative. I think it should be a requirement for anyone entering the classroom.”

The state of Montana has also started to leverage Frontline’s program for substitute certification and training purposes. “I appreciate the partnership with Frontline to ensure that quality educators fill our classrooms even during times when a guest teacher is present,” said Montana State Superintendent Elsie Arntzen. “This professional development for guest educators will ensure that our students’ education is never paused. Parents and families will benefit from knowing that their children have access to quality educators while in the classroom.”

For states that have specific regulations regarding substitute licensures, Frontline’s program requires legislative approval. Frontline’s substitute training program can be made available through an annual contract with a State Department of Education that can then be provided as a state-sponsored service to K-12 districts within the state, or through an alternative certification model paid for by substitutes who desire to become certified within a specific state. In addition, Frontline offers a similar training program designed for the needs of paraprofessionals who support teachers and students with classroom and instructional management.

For more information on Frontline’s substitute training program, visit here.

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