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Teachscape is now part of Frontline Professional Growth

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Frontline Professional Growth Resources

Teachscape joins with Frontline’s professional learning and evaluation management tools and extensive course library to ensure your educators have what they need to become masters at their craft using the Danielson Framework.


Danielson Course Library

Provide training to teachers and administrators with the Danielson Framework for Teaching Course Library.

Why Use the Danielson Framework for Teaching, 2011 and 2013 Editions (Over 2007)

You may be wondering, isn’t using the 2007 edition basically the same as using the newer 2011 and 2013 editions? Not exactly.

Did you know?

With Frontline Professional Growth, you can apply your own frameworks or use pre-configured rubrics such as the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument (FFTEI), the Stronge Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System, the Strategic Observation and Reflection (SOAR) Teaching Frames and the CEL 5D and 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubrics. Frontline is the exclusive digital provider of Danielson 2011 and 2013 frameworks.

Building Trust in Teacher Evaluations

Building trust is critical if teacher evaluations are to be an effective tool for teacher growth. How can your district implement these building blocks of trust for improving teacher growth?


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