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Training on the Danielson Framework


Provide training to teachers and administrators with the Danielson Framework for Teaching Course Library.

In a perfect world, teachers and administrators see eye to eye in what makes for great teaching. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, especially when it comes to teacher evaluation.

That can cause distrust in the system and undermine what everyone wants: student success.

Thankfully, you can ensure your teachers and administrators alike have a common understanding of what high-quality teaching looks like by training them on the Danielson Framework for Teaching. It’s designed to promote deeper discussions about teaching practice, with a definition of good teaching based on research.

Part of the job of being a teacher is to be on a career-long quest to improve practice, [while] a critically important role of any evaluation system is to promote learning.” —Charlotte Danielson

More than just an evaluation tool, the Danielson Framework also lets teachers turn a critical eye to their own practice. This makes it easier to identify areas for improvement, and engage in relevant professional learning.

The Danielson Framework for Teaching Course Library

With the Danielson Framework for Teaching Course Library, available exclusively from Frontline, teachers can learn how to use the Framework to maximum effect. The course library includes nearly 30 hours of training on:

  • How the Framework is organized, and what aspects of teaching it includes
  • How to use the Framework to reflect on teaching and develop specific instructional strategies to improve practice
  • Elements and indicators included in the Framework
  • How to pinpoint the key differences between proficiency levels and identify relevant evidence for various components of the Framework