Field Trip: Not Your Father’s Labor Market

Teachers entering the workforce today are different from those who entered the profession a few decades ago: the perception of teaching as a career has changed. Millennials starting their careers have different priorities from those in other generations. And in many areas of the country, competition is fierce for qualified teachers.

In this episode, we speak with Jennifer Duvall, Human Resources Director at Corvallis School District in Oregon. Throughout the interview, she shares:

  • What changes they have seen in the labor market
  • How they audited their hiring practices and the changes they made to promote their district and attract quality teachers
  • Why word-of-mouth, quick response times, and exceptional customer service from their Human Resources department are all vital in the hiring process

Field Guide: Recruiting Millennial Teachers

Men and women in their 20’s and 30’s are making up an ever-increasing portion of the workforce. Are you fully prepared to attract them to your school or district? In this field guide, you’ll learn how to effectively market your job openings to prospective teachers, and strategies for enriching your applicant pool through online recruiting. Download it today!