Field Trip: Grow Your Own Teachers

When leaders at Verona Area School District near Madison, Wisconsin, wanted a teacher workforce that reflected the diversity of its student body, the answer was right in front of them: a grow your own teachers program.

Jason Olson, Director of Human Resources, shares why they’re looking to their own students and non-certified staff to help fill their teacher hiring pipeline. It’s more than just a way to combat the teacher shortage (though it is that!) — it’s a way to make a positive impact on students of color.

  • How they do it (hint: they found a way to cover college tuition for those in the program)
  • Why it’s worth the cost
  • The results they’re seeing — after just one year

Field Guide: Recruiting Millennial Teachers

Men and women in their 20’s and 30’s are making up an ever-increasing portion of the workforce. Are you fully prepared to attract them to your school or district? In this field guide, you’ll learn how to effectively market your job openings to prospective teachers, and strategies for enriching your applicant pool through online recruiting. Download it today!