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EDTRAININGCENTER Is Now Frontline Professional Growth

As part of Frontline Professional Growth, we are excited to continue providing educators and other school employees with the skills they need.

With our extensive course libraries (formerly EDTRAININGCENTER), you can be sure that all of your employees are receiving the training they need, whether they are teachers, substitutes, paraprofessionals or new hires. Our trackable online courses use interactive assessments and video to ensure that employees engage with the material for better learning.

  • Ensure that your employees get the training they need by assigning courses, or allow educators to choose the learning opportunities that best fit their needs.
  • Let your educators learn on their time. Our bite-sized online courses for teachers, substitutes and other staff fit perfectly into busy schedules.
  • Easily track all of your employees’ activities, document their progress and reduce the risk of incidents or lawsuits.