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Time and Attendance: Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have questions about our time and attendance tool (formerly known as VeriTime), you’re in the right place! We’ve put together the questions we most frequently hear from school districts who are looking to use Frontline Absence & Time to manage employee time electronically.

What is Frontline’s Time & Attendance software?

Time & Attendance (formerly known as VeriTime) within Frontline Absence & Time is a web-based time and attendance management system built specifically for K-12.

Why isn’t it called VeriTime anymore?

When we launched our time tracking software in 2011 as a counterpart to Absence & Substitute Management  (known as Aesop at the time), we chose the name VeriTime.

As we began to move toward a more holistic set of solutions instead of individual products to support improved collaboration in our customers’ organizations, we found that our old product names no longer supported our goal of offering a single integrated platform. So, we retired the name VeriTime and replaced it with a more functional descriptor (‘Time & Attendance’).

What are some of the benefits of tracking employee time with Frontline Absence & Time?

With our time and attendance tool, K-12 organizations can electronically capture employee time, easily approve timesheets, automatically apply unique payroll rules (even comp time and exception pay) and streamline the payroll process.

That means your school district can:

  • Save hours spent managing employee time
  • Eliminate the need for spreadsheets or paper timesheets
  • Improve compliance with labor laws and bargaining agreements
  • Increase accountability and control labor costs
  • Ensure accuracy when running payroll

How does it help your district save money?

In an average school district, labor costs take up 70-85% of the overall budget. On top of that, the average organization overpays their employees by 1.2% because of payroll errors and inaccuracies. That could be from inaccurate timesheets (solved by electronically capturing employee hours) or mistakes made from manually entering data into your systems.

Frontline Absence & Time solves both of these problems by electronically capturing employee hours, automatically calculating and processing payroll rules and integrating with your payroll system. Plus, you can prevent unnecessary overtime by monitoring hours in advance.

How does it work with Absence & Substitute Management (formerly known as Aesop)?

We built it to work hand-in-hand with our absence management tool, giving you the full picture of employee attendance. You can track positive time (when employees are present) and negative time (when they’re absent) within the same solution, without needing to log in and out of different systems. This allows you to ensure that timesheets are accurate before running payroll.

Another wonderful benefit of having both tools under one roof is the ease of managing accruals — employees can accrue leave based on their actual hours worked, and leave balances update automatically as employees take time off. If your district provides paid sick days to substitutes, Frontline Absence & Time can manage that entire process for you, too!

How does it capture employee time?

Our solution gives you a variety of options for tracking employee time. You can choose to have online timesheets that employees fill out easily from their own computer, or you can have timesheets auto-populate based on the user’s work schedule, which the employee then validates or changes – complete with electronic signature. Or, employees can easily clock in and out with their ID and PIN on any computer, tablet or other internet-connected device (whether their own device or a kiosk you set up). You can also choose to have them scan in using barcodes, proximity cards, magnetic cards or even biometric scanners from other vendors.

You can also use the IP address range feature to prevent employees from clocking in at home or from the wrong location. And to further improve accountability, employees cannot alter timesheets without their supervisor’s approval.

What about integrations?

In addition to being compatible with a wide array of clock-in devices, Frontline Absence & Time also integrates with most of the payroll providers commonly used by school districts. You can find out if your preferred vendor already integrates with our solution on our partners page. If you don’t see one of your vendors on the list, just send us a message and we’d love to discuss your needs.

{See if your vendor is already an integration partner.}

What makes Frontline’s solution different?

Our tool was designed with K-12 school districts in mind, offering a simple-to-use product that’s just what you need, without being bogged down with unnecessary features you can’t use. You can customize the system for all your different bargaining groups, manage split funding and gain real-time visibility into where your employees are in case of a drill or emergency. And because it’s part of Frontline Absence & Time, you gain unprecedented visibility into employee attendance across the district.

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