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How Hiring Is Like a Box of Chocolates

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Every year, I go to the store a day or two after Valentine’s Day to load up on discounted chocolate. You know the ones I mean: those red, heart-shaped boxes of assorted chocolates in the clearance bin right by the cash register. But sometimes, the box doesn’t come with a map of which chocolate is which, and you end up with a coconut cream (ugh) when all you wanted was one filled with caramel.

Sometimes, hiring can be the same way — although, to be sure, filling a position with the perfect new employee is incalculably more important than filling your belly with candy. In either case, you look at your options and do your best to find the right match. And the more information you have, the easier it is to make the right decision.

But it’s time for a little levity, and a challenge! Test your matchmaking skills below — can you match each chocolate to its proper place?