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Advisor Spotlight: Dr. Adam Cibulka

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With over fifteen years of experience in public education, Dr. Adam Cibulka is no stranger to the challenges that teachers, administrators, and even coaches face.
His journey in K-12 education started in a high school social studies classroom, but he’s never stopped learning. As an advisor for Frontline’s analytics suite with a focus on Student Analytics Lab and Comparative Analytics, he’s passionate about using data to make a measurable difference in students’ futures.
Watch the video below to hear directly from Adam, including one of his favorite memories about how data can bring people together.


On How to start making sense of your data…

“Just start somewhere; it gives you a launching point. You’re going to learn a lot from the data, and there is no wrong answer because working with students is a very complicated thing, and there are so many things that impact the child. The starting point is just that – a starting point. And you’re only going to get stronger and more comfortable in learning how to best support your students.”

Adam Cibulka, Senior Manager, Analytics, Frontline Education

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