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Maximizing Ascender SIS data with Student Analytics

Maximizing Ascender SIS data with Student Analytics

40 minutes

Have you ever thought about visualizing your discipline data? Are you coding it correctly? Are you using too many codes or too few? Sometimes, simple visuals can help identify the action that needs to be taken.  

Attend this webinar to learn how to make the most of your Ascender data using Frontline’s Student Analytics Lab. During the webinar you’ll learn how you can:

  • Maximize your Ascender Data and your time 
  • Monitor student performance for compliance  
  • Inform your PLC’s and fuel Instructional Team meetings 
  • Plan for the coming months and the 22-23 school year


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School districts collect no shortage of information, but it can be difficult to make sense of it all. With Student Analytics Lab you can capitalize on the rich insights contained within your student data — regardless of where that data resides — to improve student outcomes.

  • Monitor student performance and progress across learning environments
  • Identify, at the student level, those falling behind for intervention planning
  • Identify “blind spots” to ensure equity and access


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