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Frontline Education Offers A Secure and Easy Way to Manage School Events

Frontline is excited to share our partnership with Vanco, a leading provider that specializes in event planning and ticket management.

Seamless and secure event management

Through this exclusive partnership, Vanco will provide K-12 school districts with a seamless and secure way to sell tickets and manage registrations for school events, at no cost to the school districts. Vanco focuses on managing payments securely and quickly, which makes it easier for schools to manage event ticketing, and gives families and communities a better experience overall.

Efficient Payment Processing

This solution simplifies payment processing for districts, managing event transactions securely, including fees, donations, and registrations, through an easy-to-use interface. 

Real-time Financial Insights

Districts will have access to advanced reporting and analytics for informed financial decisions. 

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Vanco guarantees secure and compliant financial transactions, giving peace of mind to districts and families. 

Seamless User Experience

Users enjoy a smooth experience, eliminating duplicate data entry and reducing administrative overhead.

Join Us in This New Journey

Embrace the future of event management with Frontline and Vanco Events. Together, we can create exceptional experiences for your customers. 

Learn More about Vanco x Frontline

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