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[Video Series]

Writing High Quality IEPs

An 8-part series by Carol Kosnitsky

The work that you and your staff do in Special Education extends beyond filling out forms, ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations, and paperwork. Ultimately, your role is to help prepare students for life after high school.

Because the quality of the Special Education process is directly connected to the quality of the IEP document, it’s worth taking a closer look at the building blocks of IEPs that make a significant, positive difference in the education and lives of students.

Get access to our free 8-part series on writing high quality IEPs from nationally-known author, speaker and consultant Carol Kosnitsky. With over 4 ½ hours packed with big ideas, strategies, tips, examples and resources, this series includes:

  • The Special Education Administrator’s Guide to IEP Quality Assurance
  • IEPs Built on a Strong Foundation
  • IEPs and Curriculum Standards
  • Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance
  • Measurable Annual Goals
  • IEPs and Services
  • The IEP and Transition Services
  • IEPs and Progress Monitoring and Reporting



Carol KAbout Carol Kosnitsky

Learn from the author of IEP Goals that Make a Difference: An Administrator's Guide to Improving the Process, Carol Kosnitsky. Carol is a renowned author, consultant and national speaker on best practices in developing measurable and compliant goals and objectives. As a former Special Education Director, Supervisor and Teacher who has consulted with hundreds of school districts, she brings a great depth of practical experience and compassion to her work along with energy, insights, vision and systemic thinking. Funny and articulate, Carol inspires and informs.