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How do you feel about end-of-year data in special education?

(Psst. how do you think everyone else feels…?)

End-of-year data: It can be a powerful resource when it comes to making and justifying plans for the next school year — but as time tightens at the end of each year, not everyone utilizes this data to its full potential.

How does your approach to end-of-year data compare to that of other districts and schools? Could you be using more of your data to plan?

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Do You Have All of the Data You Need?

In order to use data to plan for an even better school year next year, your team needs to be capturing the right data throughout the year.

Frontline Special Education Management helps you collect high-quality data without breaking a sweat.

Be confident that your data is compliant with federal and state regulations — without double checking everything

Wield the power of a true database, with accurate, live information at your fingertips

Take student support to the next level by leveraging historic data to strategize


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