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Hiring Data & Asking the Right Questions


By consistently finding the best candidates for your district’s needs, you can position your schools and students for continued growth. And to do that, you need to ask the right questions about your hiring process so you can continually refine your strategy.

Here’s how.

Data is the key to asking the right questions and transforming information into actionable insights. Let’s look at how districts can benefit from these insights throughout the hiring process.



Guiding Recruiting Efforts

Our recent report on the teacher shortage found that 49% of districts still use the least effective recruiting channel. That’s a lot of misdirected energy and spending.
Using data from a system like Frontline Recruiting & Hiring allows you to see where your most qualified applicants come from, and redirect your efforts to the methods that work best for your individual district.

Emporia Public Schools, for example, used Frontline’s applicant tracking tool to discover that most candidates find jobs through word-of-mouth.


“We started an employee referral program. We found out through Frontline, through the referral source data product, that most people found out about jobs through other friends or employees. So, we just incentivized that. Any employee that sends us a new hire, we pay them $100. That has been wildly successful for us in finding word-of-mouth applicants… We’ve simply added a place on the form for them to say, ‘how did you hear about this job?’ That’s been a nice way for us to add to our employee pool.”

– Andy Koenings, former Associate Superintendent of Human Resources, Emporia Public Schools


Improving the Hiring Process

Where are the chokepoints in your hiring process? Who’s making it to each stage in the hiring pipeline? Does hiring take too long, or are there optimal times to post jobs? Make the most of your time by using data to streamline your hiring process and remove potential obstacles.

In Guilford County Schools, data from Frontline Recruiting & Hiring helps ensure that great candidates can smoothly transition into the district.




 Supporting Collaboration

Having data at your fingertips lets you plan ahead and work collaboratively to solve challenges. For example, Meriden Public Schools reviews the number of candidates applying to each position. If a certain position tends to attract fewer applicants, district leaders can take their data to local universities and guide aspiring education graduates toward shortage-prone teaching careers.


Making More Strategic Decisions

The hiring process is data-rich by nature. But many districts still struggle to fully tap into the treasure trove of information living within their own central office.

Frontline Recruiting & Hiring offers easy access to a wealth of applicant data, allowing you to more easily identify candidates with the most potential. In Guilford County Schools, Frontline’s prescreening assessments are used to provide greater insight into each applicant’s suitability.


“We use data from Frontline’s recruiting and hiring tool. We’re able to filter candidates and look for those who have perhaps a higher degree, perhaps speak a particular language, that really have the skills that we might be looking for in a particular position. We’re also able to use the JobFit or the TeacherFit score as a way to filter candidates as well.”

– Alison Yates, Director of Staffing, Guilford County Schools

Explore Your Data with Frontline Recruiting & Hiring

To become a more insights-driven organization, data must be easily accessible and utilized throughout the district. Frontline Recruiting & Hiring puts that data at your fingertips, making it easier than ever to make strategic decisions.

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