Applicant Tracking

Quickly and efficiently bring the very best talent into your school district.

Hiring shouldn’t make you want to weep — unless they’re tears of joy. Our applicant tracking tools (formerly AppliTrack Recruiting) make it easy to navigate even the most complex hiring processes, so you can quickly find and hire your next great employee.



Better recruiting

Ensure a deeper applicant pool by recruiting applicants online or at job fairs, without adding to your workload.


Streamlined interviewing

Easily schedule interviews, access our library of 1,400 K12-specific questions and create custom questionnaires online.

Easier targeting

Narrow your options down to find the most qualified candidates by targeting specific qualifications and importing “people to watch” lists.

Faster hiring

Track the hiring status of applicants across all your vacancies, manage candidate data online and automate each step of the process.

One solution for recruiting and hiring.

Your people are the foundation of your district. Without them, there would be no students, no learning and no growth. And when you hire a new employee, you’re strengthening the entire organization. But too often, the minutiae and back-and-forth of the hiring process makes it easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. We help you move past the transactional nature of hiring to reclaim your time and gain insights.

And with the complete Frontline Recruiting & Hiring solution, you can be sure that your hiring process supports both you and your people: from finding and hiring the best candidates, to getting them fully trained and ready for work.