Learning & Collaboration Resources

Help your educators and staff become masters of their craft.

Without the right tools, it’s difficult to offer PD that is both relevant and personalized to their needs.


You know how important professional learning is to supporting your staff and educators’ growth — it’s also a hallmark of effective education. But providing top notch, relevant learning opportunities that fit into employees’ busy schedules, especially during a pandemic, is easier said than done.

With Learning & Collaboration Resources, you can equip your teachers to become masters of their craft with access to a broad set of tools and online resources to support personalized learning and peer collaboration.

Learning & Collaboration Resources gives you the tools you need to support great teaching and say with confidence that your educators never stop growing.

Access your district’s Canvas courses and content from Education Training Service (ETS), including the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) videos, alongside Frontline’s online resources.
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Create interactive online learning experiences for your staff

Design learning opportunities to engage your staff in a virtual world or as part of a blended approach to provide access to thousands of online learning opportunities that don’t require a teacher absence.

  • Leverage Frontline’s courses, videos, micro-credentials, and other resources, such as lesson plans and rubrics, to create a learning experience with ease
  • Create assessments to check for understanding and measure learning
  • Upload your district’s own files, links, videos, and Canvas courses to develop customized offerings specific to your district’s policies and needs


Provide space for educators to collaborate and grow

Offer opportunities for teachers and other employees to share resources, ideas, and feedback, and engage in collaborative discussions.

  • Foster great teaching by allowing teachers to engage in collaborative discussions around exemplary instructional videos of your most effective teachers with time-stamped tags and comments
  • Let teachers record videos of their own classrooms, then upload to get feedback from mentors, select colleagues, or PLC members
  • Share best practices for job performance with all staff, such as effective interviewing strategies for your HR staff or implementing new technology


Enable self-directed learning and growth

Provide educators and staff with a diverse array of trackable professional learning opportunities to address their individual needs and interests. And because courses are SCORM-compliant, you can offer independence and accountability to educators.

  • Allow educators to focus on developing the skills they lack without spending a lot of time on the skills they already have
  • Provide educators access to thousands of videos showcasing best teaching practices in the classroom, including videos from Education Training Service (ETS), including the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) videos
  • Enable just-in-time learning to address individual needs and challenges