A Growth Mindset in Professional Learning

Does your professional learning program promote a growth mindset in your teachers and staff? See how your answers compare to other school systems with our instant poll below:


Impact student achievement with targeted, goal-aligned professional learning.

Rooted in best practices, Frontline Professional Growth can help you move beyond “one and done” PD activities and provide relevant learning opportunities for every employee in your district.


“Having pieces of evaluation and professional development now, all under one house, all tied together — it really allows us to have the most strategic and powerful impact you can have on the classroom.”
– Dale Fisher, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Deerfield Public School District 109


  • Create individual professional development plans for educators to identify goals, action steps and measures of success to assess impact.
  • Automatically provide targeted learning opportunities to individuals based on observation data.
  • Promote and track job-embedded, pair- and team-based collaboration and learning.
  • Monitor the impact of new learning in daily practice and measure its impact on students.
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