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Vendor Transparency: Is it Time for a Change?

When you submit a claim to your billing partner, what happens next?

With so many regulations surrounding Medicaid, you know how important it is to get documentation right. But the volume of information required to submit claims correctly coupled with the number of students you’re supporting means there is still opportunity for human error.

In an ideal vendor-client relationship, you should feel supported in these moments. Your vendor should tell you if you’re missing data. You should know what they are billing for. And they should flag missing parental consents so that you can make sure you’re getting the full reimbursement you deserve.

Take this quiz to check how transparent your vendor is.

Ready for a more transparent vendor?

Frontline has a team of experts who focus on keeping up with Medicaid in your state. And transparency is built into Frontline Medicaid & Service Management, too.

Transparency at every stage

Monthly check-ins

Every Frontline Medicaid & Service Management client has access to a monthly report of what was billed to Medicaid, what was paid, denied, and more. Along with these reports, clients have a designated Frontline representative who can walk them through any of their information and help them uncover opportunities for greater revenue.

Gain visibility into the entire claiming cycle

Efficiently track every claimable service type, including related services, nursing services, transportation, and personal care services.

Ensure every claim will withstand an audit

Confidently submit claims by automating complex validations so only eligible services are claimed. Validations include:

  • IEP authorization
  • Physician prescriptions
  • Parental consent
  • Provider NPIs
  • Provider license dates
  • Service records
  • Medicaid eligibility

Monitor trends, payment status, and revenue

Keep track of service delivery, Medicaid eligibility, payment status, and overall revenue trends to know which services are being billed and why and where additional data can drive greater reimbursements.

Cost reporting support

Your Frontline representative will work with you to create a cost report that accurately reflects all state and local costs incurred in the provisioning of Medicaid-billable services. This includes:

  • Initial and ongoing quarterly participant list reviews
  • Training support for finance staff responsible for tracking and reporting costs for administrative claiming and the cost report and HR staff responsible for providing participant lists each quarter
  • Support in completing quarterly cost sheets
  • Policy guidance and support
  • Post-submission support including responding to follow-up inquiries from the state Medicaid agency or state and federal Medicaid billing audits

“With Frontline, our therapists don’t have to worry about Medicaid billing. They simply document their services, and Frontline does the rest. If therapists can focus on their students and not worry about Medicaid billing, they can provide more effective services to students.”

– Medicaid Clerk, St. Tammany Parish School Board, LA

2022 Vendor Transparency Checklist

We’ve got the list, you can check it twice.

Download your transparency checklist to make sure your vendor is nice.