Track Your School District’s Employee Absence Data


You most likely have a strategy for managing your employee absences. But is it backed up by data?

Frontline Absence & Time gives you the power to track employee absence and substitute data and compare your district’s data to national and state benchmarks. You can find trends over time and ensure that new policies and initiatives are making a measurable impact.


Powerful Reporting

With Frontline Absence & Time, you gain unprecedented visibility into employee attendance across the district. You can not only keep an eye on what’s happening in real time, but explore patterns and dig deep into your district’s data. This gives you the answers you need to determine how well your strategic initiatives are working — either at the district level or in individual schools.

Exclusive Benchmarking

In addition to giving you greater insight into your district’s own data, our Institute Report showcases your unique data side-by-side with nationally-published benchmarks from the Frontline Research & Learning Institute. This lets you see how your district stacks up against others across the country, in your state or of the same size. This data is only available through Frontline, and is easily accessed right from the absence & substitute management system.


Frontline Absence & Time in Action


At Emporia, former Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Dr. Andy Koenigs led the charge to start a wellness program from scratch. Because the district used Frontline Absence & Time, he was able to track the effects of the program on employee absences.
Data from the system showed that:
  • Total absenteeism rates decreased by 16 percent
  • Absences due to medical appointments decreased by 22 percent
  • Absences due to illness decreased by 30 percent



16% decrease in total absenteeism

22% drop in absences caused by medical appointments

30% decrease in illness related absences



After being hit with catastrophic flooding, Livingston-Parish needed to find money in their budget in order to rebuild — but district leaders weren’t willing to make cuts that would impact instruction. Bruce Chaffin, the district’s Supervisor of Human Resources, decided to provide an incentive for the school with the highest attendance rate at the end of the year. With Frontline, that data is immediately at his fingertips.

Because Frontline provides easy access to his district’s absence and substitute data, Bruce has been able to track the impact of the incentive program on district spending and absences.  
Data from the system showed that:
  • Every school in the district has an attendance rate over 94%
  • Saved $80,000 on substitute wages in the first 39 days of school alone
  • Saved over $100,000 in the first 60 days compared to 2015*
*No 2016 comparison, as the district lost a month of school due to flooding.


“Thank goodness for Frontline’s Absence Management program, because that data is immediately at my fingertips… I'm able to go in the report section and run a report each month. It takes me about 30 minutes to do 44 sites and come up with the percentages for the schools.”
– Bruce Chaffin

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