Frontline Absence & Time:
Frequently Asked Questions


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Interested in Frontline Absence & Time but still have questions about it? Here are some of the questions that come up a lot! If you’re wondering about something you don’t see here, please contact your Education Solutions Executive who will be glad to assist you.

What applications are included as part of Frontline Absence & Time?

The full Frontline Absence & Time solution includes several applications designed to help K-12 administrators manage employee time and attendance and maintain compliance. They include:

Absence & Substitute Management
Track absence trends and find the most qualified substitute for every classroom

Time & Attendance
Electronically capture and manage employee hours

Substitute Training Course Library
Provide substitutes with the knowledge they need to be successful

What are the benefits of using the full Frontline Absence & Time solution?

Gain efficiencies and streamline processes. Our systems are integrated, which means an employee in our time tracking system is automatically updated in our absence solution. This ensures data is accurate and stays consistent, and eliminates the extra time spent on re-entering information from one system to the other. And because we integrate with most major payroll vendors, you can reduce payroll errors and save time inputting data. Finally, combined reporting in the system ensures that the appropriate funding codes are used for absences.

Maintain compliance. Tracking employee attendance in one place helps you stay compliant with state and federal labor laws, ACA, FLSA and collective bargaining agreements. Reports may be run to see when substitutes and part-time employees are approaching the threshold for benefit eligibility.

Have greater visibility. Our system provides total visibility into where your people are, when they’re working and in what capacity. You can see the whole picture of employee attendance with a single login.


Currently, more than 6,000 clients use Frontline Absence & Time.