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Instructional Materials Management, a part of Frontline Inventory Management

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Instructional Materials Management Software

Reduce your school district’s textbook losses with a simple and accurate solution.

Instructional Materials Management
  1. Simplify the inventory process.

    Centralize all inventory data in a single system to give administrators full oversight into textbook and subscription details and view total inventory, as well as warehouse storage to accurately forecast inventory needs.

  2. Make audits accurate and efficient.

    Utilize barcode scanners to save time and increase data reliability. Easily add new inventory by quantity.

  3. Easily reunite books and owners.

    Take advantage of the accession number function to view textbook information, including to whom the book was issued, to effortlessly reconnect owners to textbooks.

  4. Ticket by ISBN.

    View requisition pages by ISBN number to see information including price, total number requested over time, total number approved, and total number received.

“With [Frontline’s Instructional Materials Management], we have seen a huge improvement in overall campus accountability. Campuses have stopped over-requesting materials and hoarding books because we’re able to respond to their requests quicker and more accurately.”

April Hammock
Instructional Materials Supervisor | Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Frontline Instructional Materials Management Overview

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