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ETS advances quality and equity in education by creating assessments based on rigorous research. ETS develops, administers and scores 50+ million tests annually in 180+ countries, at 9,000+ locations worldwide.

ETS Classroom Video Library

The ETS Classroom Video Library offers convenient web-based access to thousands of authentic, unedited K-12 classroom videos and tagged video clips, along with associated instructional artifacts. The collection includes classroom videos captured during the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Measures of Effective Teaching Extension project.

  • Real-life teaching. Choose among 2,100 unedited, lesson-length classroom videos and over 2,000 tagged video clips showing the sights and sounds of everyday teaching practice In K-12 classrooms across the country and among 14 subject areas. Expect to see a full range of teaching proficiency and hear student discussions. Build your own online personal video library by creating an unlimited number of tagged video clips using standards or a framework of your own choosing.


  • Scalable and reliable. Incorporate video in any of your education initiatives, programs and courses, whether they be school-wide, district-wide, group-focused or targeted for individuals. Access the ETS Classroom Video Library using a web browser on any PC, Mac® or iPad®. The infrastructure is able to support large numbers of simultaneous users.


  • API Capability.  Save significant video capture and development costs by using our API service to embed and private-label your choice of videos, tagged video clips and online functionality in your own websites, products, programs and systems.


ETS Classroom Video Library integrates with Frontline Professional Growth

Videos from the ETS Classroom Video Library can be accessed directly within Frontline Professional Growth. Frontline Professional Growth enables you to train teachers, observers or evaluators through video-based simulations — using authentic classroom video that promotes professional learning in addition to evaluator calibration.

  • Create flexible training and certification plans
  • Provide real-life examples of classroom instruction with the ETS Classroom Video Library
  • Create, tag and save ETS classroom videos in the Frontline Professional Growth video library to view later
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To purchase the ETS Classroom Video Library on its own or via API, please visit this page.