Frontline Insights Platform Upgrade Resources

We’ve put together a collection of resources to help you and your organization upgrade to the Insights Platform as smoothly as possible!


Overview & Training Resources of the Upgrade Process

What will it look like to upgrade to the enhanced functionality of the Frontline Insights Platform?

Here’s a closer look at the process.

  1. Kick Off Webinar.
    To start your upgrade to the Insights Platform, you’ll receive an overview of the benefits of being on the Platform to both you and your Users, along with an overview of the upgrade process, timeline and expectations that are needed from you to ensure a smooth transition for your organization. We ask that all System Administrators of your Frontline applications partake in the process from start to finish, and acknowledge their awareness of the move to the Insights Platform.


    Watch the Kick Off Webinar (16mins)


    Application Specific Benefits & Changes (11mins)

  2. Manage User Access Training.
    You’ll receive training and materials on the new Manage User Access page. This will be the new process for how you as a System Administrator manage your Users access to your Frontline applications.


    Watch the Manage User Access Training Video (13mins)

  3. Data Review.
    This step is for clients with Absence & Time and/or clients using multiple Frontline applications.
    An exciting aspect of the Insights Platform is that your Users will now have one account to login to all Frontline applications you grant them access to. In order to ensure your Users receive one single email invite to create their one Frontline ID Account, you’ll need to review and prepare your User data to reflect they are the same User in all of your Frontline applications. You’ll receive a data file and some pointers on what to look for and possibly change to ensure your data is ready to go.


    Watch the Data Review video (13mins)

  4. Communication to your Users.
    With any change, you’ll want to properly communicate this to all of your Users, administrators and substitutes included. We will provide you with recommended resources to share with your Users, since action will be required on their part when your organization is live on the Insights Platform.


    Watch the Communication & End User Training Video (14mins)

  5. Launch Day!
    The Insights Platform will be enabled for you by your Implementation Specialist. You’ll now be able to send out Frontline ID Account email invites to your users. They’ll be able to use one single email account to connect all their Frontline applications! Your users previous logins will be deprecated, and all users will need to take action by creating a Frontline ID Account in order to login to their applications.


    Watch the Launch Day & Beyond video (14mins)



You may be asking…


The upgrade to the Insights Platform is required, but at no additional cost to your organization. The upgrade is a part of your renewal.

What School Leaders are Saying about the Frontline Insights Platform

“Connected systems help us have a broader view of who we are as a school district and how we interact and interrelate with each other. It brings our professional learning, our curriculum instruction and our hiring and recruiting processes together. Ultimately, all of those play a part in student achievement. Now, we have that data available and that data is connected. It provides a much richer conversation and ultimately leads to better instruction and better learning experiences for our kids.”

– Bob Kreifels, Executive Director of Human Resources
Blue Valley Public Schools

“The employees are so thrilled when they finally link all of their accounts and see how easy it is to navigate between all the platforms they use. They love the fact that they only have one username and password to remember!”

– Janice Hilgen, Personnel Secretary  
Flemington-Raritan Regional School District



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