Frontline Technologies Launches MyLearningPlan OpenPD at Learning Forward Conference

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WASHINGTON, DC — Frontline Technologies, the leading software provider for K-12 education, announced the official launch of MyLearningPlan OpenPD today at the Learning Forward Conference. The announcement marks the first new product launch from Frontline since the acquisition of MyLearningPlan earlier in 2015, and represents their continued investment in professional growth solutions.

“Frontline will continue to invest in the development of innovative learning resources; anticipating the professional growth needs of the education community,” said Frontline Technologies CEO, Tim Clifford. “The launch of MLPOpenPD provides educators with insight as to where we are heading in the professional learning marketplace.”

A critical new component of the valued MyLearningPlan solution set, MLPOpenPD is a cloud-based content creation and delivery solution designed to support educators in applying new knowledge and measuring its impact. MLPOpenPD provides tailored Professional Development courses and resources, empowering K-12 professionals to take control of the learning process and customize learning modules in-house. Educators and administrators can quickly filter through, draw from and share proven best practice resources that are relevant to their department, grade, goals or specific assignments.

MLPOpenPD lets the education community create robust and customized content at their own pace, pulling from a shared resource library of text, graphics, audio and more than 2,000 authentic classroom videos. The software maximizes educator effectiveness by focusing on the daily application and measurable impact of new knowledge.

“We are creating a collaborative and resource-rich environment for educators and administrators through MLPOpenPD,” said Frontline Research and Learning Institute Managing Director and former MLP Chief Strategy Officer, Elizabeth Combs. “Our goal is to shift the focus from instruction and content to learning and application that directly impacts professional practice and student progress.”

MLPOpenPD changes the professional learning conversation, focusing on implementation and how changes in practice will impact student outcomes. Going beyond traditional professional development programs, MLPOpenPD guides educators through the process of applying their new learnings and documenting the effect on student learning.

About Frontline Technologies

Frontline Technologies provides cloud-based K-12 software that empowers over 6,000 school districts and millions of educators to positively impact student learning. From recruiting, hiring and absence management, to professional learning and evaluation, Frontline partners with the education community to support the entire educator lifecycle. Built on a foundation of best practices, Frontline gives organizations the tools to focus on data-driven decisions, collaboration, meaningful growth and application to classroom practice. Our headquarters are located in Malvern, Pennsylvania.