Frontline Technologies Announces Name Change to Frontline Education

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Malvern, Pa. — August 1, 2016 – Frontline Technologies, a trusted software partner to the education community for nearly two decades, today announced that it has changed its name to Frontline Education. The new name underscores the company’s long dedication to the education community and marks a new approach that enables critical visibility and collaboration across school district systems. Frontline has 8,500 customers nationwide including more than 60% of the nation’s school districts.

“Frontline Education continues to be a partner in understanding not only what is happening in education, but why. These insights are critical to those on the front line of education, helping them make informed decisions and drive best practices across their schools,” says Tim Clifford, CEO, Frontline Education.

As an education insights partner, Frontline Education develops and implements solutions that deliver a comprehensive view of human resources, professional growth and special education. Frontline provides Recruiting & Hiring, Time & Attendance, Professional Growth, and Student Solutions that work together, automating and streamlining processes to provide integrated insights and a holistic view of the district.

The focus on leading with insights isn’t new to Frontline. Early this year, the company launched the Frontline Research and Learning Institute to provide data-driven research, resources and observations to support and advance the education community. The Institute gives Frontline the ability to leverage national benchmarks that inform strategic conversation and expand the reach and impact of educators.

“Administrators, educators and support staff deserve technology and insights built to support their goals. These components work together to help our school districts and education partners achieve their potential,” says Tim Clifford.


About Frontline Education

Frontline Education is an integrated insights partner serving more than 8,500 educational organizations and millions of educators, administrators and support personnel in their efforts to develop the next generation of learners. Bringing together the best education software solutions into one unified platform, Frontline makes it possible to efficiently and effectively manage the needs of the education community including Recruiting & Hiring, Absence & Time, Professional Growth and Special Education. With more than 15 years of experience serving the front line of education, Frontline Education is dedicated to providing actionable intelligence that enables informed decisions and drives engagement across school systems.