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Know, track, and support your educational assets

Laptop and Mobile Product Shot of Asset Management Software

Asset Management is a cloud-based solution that gives district administrators visibility into the entire lifecycle of all district assets such as tablets, laptops, projectors, and other educational materials. By implementing an asset management system your district will be able to:

  • Respond confidently to audits with reliable data
  • Maximize existing resources by identifying and transferring underutilized assets
  • Reduce asset loss by holding individuals and sites accountable
  • Comply with requirements to track funding sources and report on asset value and depreciation
  • Plan accurately for future technology purchases and refreshes

See Frontline Asset Management in Action

Asset Management also integrates with other software including help desk, SIS, HR, MDM systems, and more for maximum efficiency.

Time and Cost Savings

Supplement your finance system, centralize the purchasing process, and track important funding.

Scale as Needed

Unlimited users and assets give you the freedom to manage your inventory in the way that best fits your district needs.

Streamline District 1:1 Initiatives

Distribute to staff and students and manage and track assets that enable education to expand beyond the classroom.

Audit in Real Time

Watch the results update instantaneously from your desk.

Superpower Your Audits

Complete physical inventory 20% faster with RFID by simultaneously scanning multiple items, even if they are out of sight or hard to reach.

Automate Data

Seamlessly integrate and centralize data between systems, including SIS, HR, help desk, purchasing, fixed asset systems, and MDM.

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