District Background:

Student Population: 28,500+
Location: Lubbock, Texas
Certified Staff: 2,000+


Lubbock ISD

Embracing automation to improve accuracy and efficiency

Automation was the key to better data and saving time across multiple departments.


“The number one thing for our district is being as efficient as possible with every bit of resource that we have.”

Rick Rodriquez – Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Lubbock ISD

Lubbock ISD’s administration found their district at a crossroad between their mission and current operational practices. While they’re known for being a “District of Innovation,” they were struggling to streamline inefficient, labor-intensive and paper-laden processes.

Continuing to do things “the old-fashioned way” was not an option, and they craved a solution to help them go paperless. The answer was Frontline ERP, digital school administration software that connects everything from HR to Finance and Payroll.

Through automated conditional workflows, the district eliminated the use of supplemental spreadsheets and paper processes. They configured routing for approvals and requests that matched their unique processes. With Human Resources, Finance and Payroll operating out of one role-based system of record, information was instantly shared between departments.

With an enormous amount of money coming in and out of their schools, Lubbock ISD knew it was critical to have access to real-time funding and expense data. Now they do.

“We don’t have to wait for somebody else to think and look at the data, it’s all under one umbrella and any changes are automatically updated and streamlined. That way we get results a lot faster.”

Rick Rodriguez

Lastly, the district gained a clearer view into changes in staff through position management — an essential piece for understanding spending across the district.

“Position management empowers us to track the positions that are being added, the positions being closed, or those modified that are affecting the budget.”

Rick Rodriguez

In Frontline ERP, position management and control ties together critical information at the position level so that as people are hired in and out of specific positions, the budget is automatically updated with relevant pay structure (grade, cycle, step, stipend, and supplemental) information.

“Once the position management piece was in place, not only was I able to tell my Superintendent who authorized position changes, but I was also able to provide justification given by the person who was asking for it and why we needed that position. I was able to communicate when it was approved, and what corresponding workflow it went through. You’re not going to find a software solution that’s as comprehensive and consistent in the areas of HR, Finance and Payroll.”

Rick Rodriguez