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Caledonia Community Schools

Caledonia Community Schools

Case Study

District Background:

Caledonia, MI
PreK-12 Enrollment
Early Childhood Center: 1
Elementary Schools: 5
Middle Schools: 2
High School: 1
Certified teachers: 258
Other staff: 218
Caucasian/White: 94%
Hispanic: 2%
African American/Black: 1%
Asian: 2%
Two or more races: 2%

Solutions Used:

Frontline Professional Growth
Professional Learning Management
Learning & Collaboration Resources
Frontline Recruiting & Hiring
Applicant Tracking
Frontline Absence & Time
Absence & Substitute Management
Frontline Central

Caledonia Community Schools

Caledonia Community Schools is a high-performing suburban/rural district not far from Grand Rapids, MI. A strong sense of pride and purpose encourages collaboration as all departments work toward a common goal: creating a positive learning environment and the optimum academic experience for all students.

Challenge Caledonia Community Schools

The Challenge:

After a period of slow, steady growth, Caledonia has recently started to experience growing pains as more city dwellers move out to the suburbs. To maintain their reputation as a desirable district, they knew it was time to update their practices. That meant streamlining recruiting and hiring, onboarding, and training new employees while meeting the professional growth needs of a diverse workforce at the same time.

Solution Caledonia Community Schools

The Solution:

Every department needed to replace paper-based processes with a reliable electronic system. Caledonia turned to Frontline for help.

Putting it all together

Frontline Central, part of Frontline’s integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) suite, now manages all employee records for Caledonia, allowing them to synchronize hiring, professional growth, and absence management. No longer using different systems in each department, Caledonia has revolutionized their workflow and streamlined processes. A single login puts data within easy reach of all users who need access to information, from district administrators to the employees themselves.

Results Caledonia Community Schools

The Results:

About Frontline Education

Frontline Education is a leading provider of school administration software, empowering strategic K-12 leaders with the right tools, data and insights to proactively manage human capital, business operations, student information and special education.

Educational organizations representing over 80,000 schools and millions of educators, administrators and support personnel have partnered with Frontline Education in their efforts to develop the next generation of learners. Frontline is dedicated to driving engagement across K-12 school systems and supporting the continuous improvement of employee effectiveness and efficiency with solutions for proactive recruiting and hiring, absence and time, professional growth, student information systems, special education, school health management, payroll, benefits and financial management.

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