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Escape Technology, now part of Frontline Education

HR, Finance and Payroll software built for California COEs, districts and schools

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Elevate your impact

Break Down Siloes

Break Down Siloes

Ensure you’re always making the best use of time and being a good steward of district resources by integrating your district and COE information. Eliminate duplication and error-prone processes when HR setup defines payroll processing, and payroll & HR data loads into budget.

inform decisions rapidly

Inform Decisions Rapidly

Swiftly make data-driven decisions across districts and fiscal years with automated and audited HR, Finance & Payroll information, and proven state/federal reporting.

Make the Software Work for You

Software that Works for You

Experience next-gen financial insight and control out of a single role-based integrated system of record– everything from simulated budget scenarios to customizable workflows, as well as district and COE-wide reporting.


One comprehensive solution designed specifically for districts and COEs:

Frontline Escape - HR Management

Frontline Escape - Position Management

Frontline Escape - Compensation Management

Frontline Escape - Benefits Management

Frontline Escape - Finance & Payroll Management

Frontline Escape - Procurement Management

Frontline Escape - Digital Document Management

Frontline Escape - Employee Web-Based Access

Frontline Escape - User Web-Based Access

Frontline Escape - Reporting and Integrations

Surprise parties are great! Surprise audits, fines and bad PR are not.

Manual or siloed processes don’t help with rapidly evolving district needs:

  • Data quickly becomes stale and inaccurate
  • Decision-making and resources come to a screeching halt
  • District-wide reporting becomes time-consuming and error-prone
  • COEs lose sight of district-level data

It’s hard to achieve clarity when you’re trapped in the weeds of manual, siloed processes.

Rekindle the connections between HR, Finance and Payroll to support your district’s vision for outstanding education.

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School ERP Software Explained:

Learn everything you need to know about school district ERP software in our comprehensive guide.

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Gain district-wide control over funding and expenses without losing organizational flexibility.

Countless critical data points spanning Human Resources, Finance and Payroll are consistently changing. How many different places do you have to search and update before you can make sound financial decisions for your students and staff?

You deserve to have the information you need, when you need it. Period.

That’s why more California COEs trust Escape Online than any other business software. We serve more than 25 COEs and their districts, as well as individual districts and schools – over 500 K-12 organizations in total!

When everything you need is in one comprehensive system, you never have to worry about stale information and your processes can be as nimble as your school district needs them to be!

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