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Working at Frontline Technologies: Glimpses From a Summer Internship


I’m currently a Business Marketing major at Eastern University where I’ll be starting my junior year in the fall, and this summer I had the opportunity to work with the Marketing department at Frontline Technologies.

I’d like to share what I learned over the summer — and give you a look into what it’s like to work at Frontline!

Busy Times at Frontline

My internship began shortly after the Insight Venture Partners’ investment, which opened up countless opportunities for Frontline. But with opportunities come challenges, and it was very interesting to see how Frontline, and marketing in particular, discussed these new opportunities in the K-12 industry.

The greatest opportunity is building new products and acquiring other top products in the industry. The goal of the latter is to offer additional solutions to our customers by adding best-in-class K-12 products to our suite. This strategy also allows Frontline to better integrate with other key K-12 products, which provides more value for school districts using these products.

For Frontline, it’s important to grow fast, but at the same time, stay true to the factors that made it so successful in the K-12 industry over the past 15 years  especially providing innovative products and great customer service.

Lights, Camera, Action!

I had the chance to help David, the director of marketing, set up a new studio in the office for producing training videos. I didn’t know how much work went into setting up a video studio  covering up windows to eliminate sunlight, setting up the green screen, wiring and hanging lights from the ceiling, and more!

Frontline Video Studio for recording training videos

I learned about our video editing software by going through many of our customer videos. This project helped me see from a K-12 administrator’s perspective all the things Aesop and VeriTime do in the 4,000+ school districts all around the U.S. and Canada. It’s great seeing so many clients who are willing to share their Frontline experience with others.

Live Acting!

I also participated in a short informational video for VeriTime. In this exciting, action-packed, suspenseful video, we show a few different ways our customer’s employees can clock in to VeriTime!

Ok, so I may have exaggerated about the suspense and excitement of this video, but it’s still very good information on how school districts can use VeriTime! I got to show off my acting skills clocking in to VeriTime using Bar Code Scanners, Proximity Scanners, and Magnetic Stripe Readers.

Options to clock in to VeriTime

Milestone: 4,000 Customers

Because Aesop is used by more school districts nationwide than all similar systems combined, we often talk about the number of customers using Aesop.

That means when the 4,000th school district purchased Aesop this spring, we had a lot of changes to make! Everywhere we had advertised 3,000 school districts needed to be updated to show the tremendous growth over the last few years.

This project took several hours, but it was certainly a good “problem” to have!

aesop family

Marketing Freebies

Another ongoing project this summer was keeping inventory of all of our marketing materials and sending out supplies to our sales and client service reps.

Somebody has to count and keep track of all those pens, mouse pads, water bottles and other goodies we give out at conferences, trainings and events!

frontline swag

What You Had to Say: Customer Calls

I also had several chances to sit in on customer calls, mostly with Jennifer, the VeriTime product manager, to see how VeriTime is working for our customers. We strive to constantly check up on customers and learn what can be done better.

Districts talked about how user-friendly the system is, the new level of accuracy in time-tracking that VeriTime provides, how well VeriTime works with Aesop, and  the biggest thing they loved  the countless hours VeriTime saved them from manually entering data from system to system.

Another interesting call I sat in on was with Cydney Miller from Clarksville-Montgomery County School System about how their district is preparing for the Affordable Care Act using Aesop and VeriTime. The solution this district came up with was innovative and interesting  you can read about it here!

Cydney miller guest post

Word Clouds

Another fun project was creating word clouds from our customer surveys. One reason this project was interesting for me was I got a chance to see first-hand comments our customers have made about Frontline’s products. The most-used words from our surveys are the words that are displayed the largest.

Here is the word cloud I came up with for VeriTime. You can see more on our Facebook page!

veritime word cloud

In Summary…

My biggest takeaway this summer was that a company will succeed or fail based on how well it understands its market and customers. That is one of the main reasons Frontline has been successful so far and why they will continue to keep that focus as they grow.

Chris Thompson

Chris is a junior at Eastern University, where he is studying Business Marketing. Chris loves sports (watching and playing), especially basketball and football, and he also plays the piano and enjoys making electronic music. This year, Chris will also be working in public schools through Boosterthon, a fundraising program that motivates students to bring in money for their schools through fitness and character lessons.