A Teacher, a Superintendent, a Special Ed Director: 4 Real-life Stories About Equity in Education

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Coming from a small town in the not-Philadelphia-and-not-Pittsburgh part of Pennsylvania, the idea of equity in education wasn’t top-of-mind for me when I was a high school student. Nor was the whole idea that some kids might not have the same kind of opportunities as others.

Sure, some came from families with more money than others, but the faces in the hallways were mostly shades of white. And if college wasn’t on the horizon for some, that seemed to be more a matter of choice than of access.

We know, of course, that it’s far more complex than that – a myriad of factors determine what doors are open to students. Everything from family life to school funding to systemic racial issues all play a role in determining who does and doesn’t go on to achieve that sparkly American dream.

That’s why Frontline’s podcast, Field Trip, released a short series on equity. Four episodes, four educators, four stories about working for equity in schools. I hope you enjoy them.

Part 1: One District, Two Communities

How does a district strive for equity when it serves two distinct, racially diverse communities?


Part 2: Fifty Years Later

15 years after Brown v. Board of Education, schools in Louisiana were often still segregated in practice. Here’s the true story of one teacher’s experience, and how it impacted her in the following decades.


Part 3: Special Education is an Equity Issue

Racial equality is an important factor in ensuring every student has access to the general education curriculum. But achieving equity in special education goes deeper yet.


Part 4: Equity for English Learners

2020 was tough on everyone, especially leaders, teachers, and students, but English Learners faced additional hurdles as teachers and families often struggled to communicate.


Stories worth sharing.

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