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Resources to Prevent School Violence and Bullying


Sadly, our schools are not always the safe haven we’d hope they would be for our children. While many circumstances that lead to school violence are out of school leaders’ and educators’ control, we can empower educators with information to detect behavioral cues that may indicate a child is at risk.

Studies have shown that students who intend to carry out violent acts tend to conduct research on prior school shootings and often hint at and leave clues about their plans. How can we ensure that educators are prepared to proactively recognize troubling behaviors and address issues that can lead to school violence?

As one small step, Frontline will soon provide a set of learning resources freely available to all users of Frontline solutions who have upgraded to the enhanced functionality of the Frontline Insights Platform. These resources are designed to empower educators to identify and learn how to respond to at-risk behaviors.

The Violence & Bullying Prevention Library includes the following courses:

  • Bullying Prevention
  • Cyberbullying Prevention
  • School Violence Prevention and Intervention
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Bullying and How to Help At-Risk Students
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Classroom
  • What is an At-Risk Student?

These Violence Bullying Prevention courses will be available in August via a new link in the application menu entitled Additional Resources. Other course libraries related to the Frontline solutions can be found in this same section, as well.


Not yet on the Insights Platform? Learn more here.

As your partner in education, we hope these high-quality learning resources can help empower educators to identify at-risk students, support diverse student needs and prevent violence in schools.

Read more about how Los Angeles has created a comprehensive, county-wide program to prevent violence in schools that starts with education on identifying and reporting troubling behaviors. Visit

Holly HarleyHolly Harley

Holly Harley is a Product Marketing Manager at Frontline specializing in Professional Growth. She began her career as a teacher and has spent the past 8 years working in ed tech. Holly is passionate about helping educators and students reach their full potential. She maintains two Little Free Libraries in her town to help promote reading and literacy.