7 Most Popular Blog Posts from Last School Year


popular posts from last school year

If your school’s hallways are still quiet, they won’t be for long – another school year is almost here! Teachers and students alike are sharpening their pencils and getting ready for the new semester.

As district leaders prepare for another year of supporting their staff, they can reflect on what they learned last year and new strategies to carry into this year. Here are the 7 most popular education blog posts other education leaders have been reading since the past school year.

1. The Reason so Many Black Teachers Leave the Job Early
Human Resources

Our schools’ teachers should be as diverse as their students, but troublingly, African American teachers are more likely to leave the job. This story by The Hechinger Report investigates why this happens and what district leaders can do to help.

2. Spring Planning for Substitute Programs
Substitute Management

Some employee absences are unpredictable, but with the right absence management methods, district leaders can do more to preempt days with heavy absences. This post offers data and advice from the Frontline Research & Learning Institute to help districts get ahead of their employee and teacher absences.

3. 4 Stories about Substitutes as Heroes
Substitute Management

Substitute teachers are used to filling in the gaps. They make sure students are supervised and supported, but due to the nature of their job, often don’t have the time to form connections with individual students. This post tells the stories of 4 substitute teachers who went the extra mile for their students.

4. Supreme Court Ruling on Special Education: What’s Next for Schools?
Special Education

During the last school year, the Supreme Court sided unanimously in favor of expanding the rights for children with disabilities. How districts should respond, however, is less certain. This article covers the history of the movement and discusses how districts should move forward.

5.  Educational Diagnosticians’ Week 2017
Special Education

Diagnosticians have a unique ability to see the big picture in the little daily events. This post includes a video salute to Special Educators turned Diagnosticians and discusses some of the opportunities and challenges diagnosticians face.

6. A New Challenge: Paid Sick Days for Substitutes
Substitute Management

Over the past 10 years, the number of jurisdictions passing Paid Sick Leave laws has rapidly increased. This post covers the effects of Paid Sick Leave for substitute teachers and 5 steps to managing it.

7. 5 Examples of Outstanding District Marketing
Human Resources

Want to make your district stand apart this school year? Here are 5 examples of districts who went above and beyond in recruiting teachers and other employees for their schools.

Bonus Round!

5 Ways to Make Professional Learning More Effective
Professional Learning

Since the beginning of the year is an important time for educator professional learning, this article will share some ways you can amplify your district’s professional development for teachers and other employees.

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