Inviting Innovation into the Central Office

Human Resources

The innovation we see in education today is absolutely amazing. Teachers are hard at work coming up with creative new ways to help their students learn, and deserve a lot of praise for the work they do.

Today, let’s talk about the backbone of this innovation: the central office personnel who work hard to recruit those exceptional teachers and support them in providing the best instruction to every student.

It’s not unusual to see an outstanding commitment to creativity and growth in a district’s instructional strategies, but outdated processes on the more administrative side tend to suffer from a lack of investment — as demonstrated in the comic below.

But why is that? Without anyone to find, hire and support top-notch teachers, innovative instruction won’t happen. And one of the best ways to foster a sense of continual growth across the district is to ensure (and show) that processes in every area are constantly being streamlined and improved. This is particularly true in the Human Resources realm, where there’s often a shortage of time and funding, making it seem like there’s no room to get creative.

But I’d argue that districts can’t afford not to innovate in their HR processes.

Your HR processes should reinforce your district’s commitment to excellence in every way. Making it easier for applicants to apply to open positions means not missing out on stellar candidates. Having a faster, simpler way for new hires to fill out onboarding paperwork gives a great first impression that you’re a district that’s easy to work for and cares about the employee experience. And finally, when you’re able to streamline everyday processes, HR can spend more time coming up with creative strategies to engage and support staff even more.

So, think about your own district. What’s taking up the most time? What areas are the most in need of innovation? How do your administrative processes reflect your district’s commitment to innovation?

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