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Special Education

Centris and Frontline Education: Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions about the Centris Group becoming a part of Frontline Education? You’ve come to the right place!

Here are a few of the most frequent questions we hear from school districts who are wondering what the move means for them. Don’t see your question here? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Why have the product names changed? 

Since becoming a part of Frontline Education, Centris’ products have been rebranded as Frontline Special Education Management. The name change helps align Centris’ products with the rest of the K-12 software solutions Frontline Education offers.

How is Frontline Special Education Management different from IEP Direct and other Centris products?

Despite the name change, the software hasn’t changed in terms of functionality. However, our team is working constantly to improve Frontline Special Education Management’s integration with the rest of Frontline’s solutions to provide your district with even better tools.

How does Frontline Special Education Management help to streamline special education management? 

Frontline Special Education Management will recapture staff time and help your school district contribute toward improved outcomes for children with special learning needs by:

  • Reducing paperwork
  • Saving time in drafting IEPs, scheduling meetings, producing reports and overall administration
  • Eliminating redundant data entry
  • Minimizing hands-on administrative tasks
  • Improving collaboration in the development of IEPs
  • Enhancing tracking of timelines and tasks
  • Increasing district visibility for data-driven decision-making
  • Boosting staff efficiency and morale by reducing the time spent on paperwork and meetings
  • Ensuring accountability through built-in compliance checks and reviews

Does it integrate with my other software systems? 

Frontline Special Education Management will integrate seamlessly with your Student Information System and its parent portal to save time and improve accuracy and access to demographic data, special education data and IEPs.

How does the system help to manage programs for other special student populations (RTI, ELL, Gifted programs, 504)? 

The full Frontline Special Education Management solution allows staff to quickly document, access and monitor each 504 student’s information for both compliance and instructional purposes, and provides powerful reporting tools for administrators and supervisors. This functionality is provided to Connecticut school districts that use Frontline Special Education Management at no cost.

Our RTI Program Management application is a full-lifecycle management and tracking system, which saves time, reduces paperwork, enables data-driven decision making, improves collaboration and communication and enhances the quality of intervention plans throughout the entire RTI process.  This system is an RTI data and program management system for tracking, monitoring, and managing all aspects of RTI.  The system is seamlessly compatible with all assessments, CBMs and interventions, and supports both academic and behavioral models.

How does using an integrated IEP/Medicaid reimbursement tool save my district time and money?

 The full Frontline Special Education Management solution contains integrated Medicaid billing software that drives optimized reimbursement and enhances compliance management.

We understand that Medicaid claiming and Special Education go hand in hand, and Frontline has developed its

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