Frontline 504 Plan Compliance Software

Section 504 Program Management, a part of Frontline Special Programs Management

Support student success and promote equity with Frontline Section 504 plan management software.

Bring clarity to your Section 504 processes.

Simplify Case Management

Simplify Case Management

Easily develop, review, and track 504 plans and related documentation with dynamic workflows and embedded validations to proactively keep you compliant.

Compliant, Up-To-Date, User-Friendly Forms

Compliant, Up-To-Date, User-Friendly Forms

Leverage forms designed by nationally recognized Section 504 legal experts to gain confidence in your documentation.

Keep every process moving

Keep Every Process Moving

Streamline management of every Section 504 process with dashboards and alerts that improve accountability and keep staff on track with deadlines.

Promote Equity

Promote Equity

Take a proactive, data-driven approach to ensuring students are receiving effective accommodations.


Help students thrive by keeping processes consistent and data-based

  • Promote 504 plan compliance with consistency in implementation and reliable data
  • Maintain a single source of student information, so you can rest assured that everyone involved is well informed and working as a team
  • Empower your Section 504 committee with better data on students’ individual needs
  • Effectively implement, track, and monitor services for students with Section 504 plans using Frontline Medicaid & Service Management

Be confident that your 504 process is up-to-date

…with Frontline’s exclusive partnership with Dave Richards and Jose Martín. Behind the scenes, they annually update the software’s forms to reflect and address changes in law, guidance from the Office for Civil Rights, and rulings from the courts.

Equity & outcomes shouldn’t be jeopardized because of inconsistent processes.

Without consistency, your students and program are at risk.

  • Using different 504 processes and criteria across grade levels or buildings exposes students to unequal opportunities and your district to compliance missteps
  • Inefficient processes create administrative burden and take time away from students
  • It’s tough to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to students’ unique needs
  • How can you measure program improvement without data-driven metrics for student success?

Your students & staff deserve the best.

With the right software, staff can help even more students overcome challenges and meet their goals.

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There’s a better way.

You have many students to manage and those learners have varying needs, making it easy to lose sight of each unique need. With Frontline, enjoy the confidence that comes from clarity in all areas of 504 plan management, so you can spend less time bogged down with paperwork and more time focused on student growth.

Frontline specializes in K-12 solutions that put the information you need at your fingertips. See why more than 80,000 schools trust Frontline solutions to support the complex and essential work of education.


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