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A New Generation of Teachers

Relatively few millennials choose teaching as a career — a trend that doesn’t look promising for school districts looking to continue hiring from deep applicant pools and keep student/teacher ratios low. It’s increasingly important that district and school leaders develop strategies targeted at recruiting, hiring and retaining millennial teachers.
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Recruitment & Retention: A Two-fold Approach to Overcoming Teacher Shortages

Every year, sixteen percent of educators leave their school, and half of those teachers leave the profession altogether. That puts administrators in a hard place: it can cost up to $18,000 to replace a teacher in a large urban district, and recruiting qualified teachers can be a nightmare — especially for positions like STEM or special education.  
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Educational Diagnosticians’ Week 2017

Video Salute to Educators Turned Evaluators

It’s Educational Diagnosticians’ Week! To celebrate these special educators turned evaluators, we asked two former diagnosticians to share testimonials about their lives as student evaluators, including their fondest memories. Diagnosticians have the unique ability to see the daily differences that can be made in the classroom to help students thrive.
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10 Sources of Data to Build a Comprehensive IEP

An Individualized Education Program has the potential to “tell the right story” for each student with a disability — to describe the student’s strengths and assets, identify areas of need and chart a pathway for a successful school year.  But to be relevant and meaningful, the IEP must be based on current, reliable and valid information.  
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A New Challenge: Paid Sick Days for Substitutes

Over the past few years, the number of jurisdictions passing paid sick day laws has risen rapidly. In 2006, only one passed a law mandating paid sick leave: San Francisco. But in 2016, three states, one county and ten cities passed sick day legislation.  
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A Massive Difference: How District Support Impacts Professional Development

One conundrum that isn’t new to K-12 district and building leaders: “Why aren’t our teachers more engaged in the professional development opportunities that we provide?” It’s a good question — professional learning departments work tirelessly to provide activities and learning opportunities that meet teachers’ needs, help to advance their strengths and ultimately impact student outcomes. Why aren’t teachers more engaged?
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How to Apply for a Frontline Scholarship to the Learning Forward Academy

Are you passionate about supporting and leading professional learning within your organization? If so, you may be familiar with the Learning Forward Academy — a rich blended learning experience immersing participants in inquiry- and problem-based learning.  
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Can You Make the Right Match?

You open a box of assorted chocolates, only to find that there are no labels — and no way to pick the perfect candy to satisfy your sweet tooth. You choose one, heart filled with hope, pop it in your mouth… and quickly realize you made the wrong choice — it’s the one flavor you detest.  
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The Reason so Many Black Teachers Leave the Job Early

What will it take to get more black teachers to stay in the classroom? School administrators will have to explicitly address the racial biases and stereotyping that stifle black educators’ professional growth, argue researchers Ashley Griffin and Hilary Tackie in a new report from The Education Trust, a national nonprofit advocacy organization.  
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