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Frontline Blog

Insights & ideas for K-12 education leaders.

Infographic: An Equity Roadmap for Special Ed Classification

In the report series Crossing the Line, published by the Frontline Research & Learning Institute, we’ve been exploring special education classifications. In Part 1 of the series, we looked at educator perceptions versus reality in regard to the appropriateness of classifications.  
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A Boatload of Handy Resources on Professional Learning & ESSA

Though the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was passed two years ago, daily headlines about the law continue to pop up in our news feeds as the Department of Education reviews state implementation plans. With the law’s implications for professional learning, it’s intriguing to see how states and districts are structuring PD programs to meet ESSA requirements.  
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Bring Clarity to Section 504

For many educators, understanding Section 504 remains difficult, and raises several questions, such as: What is the practical intent of this law? Are Section 504 accommodation plans simply “light” IEPs?
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Hiring Process Deal-breakers

There’s a lot to look for when you’re hiring a new teacher: great communication skills, a passion for teaching and learning, a positive attitude and patience. But it can be tough to see all the qualities of a great teacher when you’re busy thumbing through resumes, especially if your district is fortunate enough to have a surplus of applicants.  
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Coloring Pages: Celebrating the Holidays and Year-long Learning

‘Tis the season to take a break from our daily routines, enjoy timeless holiday traditions and have fun with friends and family. And in the spirit of the holidays, we’ve put together some one-of-a-kind coloring pages to celebrate the most magical time of year.  
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Inviting Innovation into the Central Office

The innovation we see in education today is absolutely amazing. Teachers are hard at work coming up with creative new ways to help their students learn, and deserve a lot of praise for the work they do. But today, let’s talk about the backbone of this innovation: the central office personnel who work hard to recruit those exceptional teachers and support them in providing the best instruction to every student.  
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How to Get the Most Out of Online Learning

There are so many reasons to use online learning as part of your professional development strategy. Classes available on-demand? Just click a button. The ability for hundreds of individual people, each engaging in unique learning that meets a wide variety of needs? Check. Cost-savings compared to in-person workshops? You bet.  
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A Look at the Data: How Does K-12 Professional Development Measure Up to ESSA Criteria?

Everybody knows that kale salad is better for you than that triple-decker bacon cheeseburger with the fried egg on top. We know it’s better to tackle the to-do list than to spend 6 hours bingeing TV.  
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One State’s Journey to Fewer Teacher Absences

Rhode Island: a state known for its gorgeous coastline, diminutive size and… teacher absences? Since the Thomas B. Fordham Institute published its Teacher Absenteeism in Charter and Traditional Public Schools report in September, there has been plenty of talk about the state’s high teacher absenteeism rates. And there’s no debating that the numbers are high.  
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