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Recruiting Where the Candidates Are: How (and Where) Teachers Find Jobs

Graduation season is coming to a close, and the next generation of teachers will be entering the teaching workforce before we know it. For those with a classroom waiting for them in a few short months, the fun is only just beginning. Others might be spending the summer still searching for job postings — are they finding yours?  
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How to Create Strengths-based IEPs

If asked, special educators can describe their students’ strengths, as well as their needs. But when asked to self-assess IEPs they’ve written, they often find far more information about students’ weaknesses than strengths.  
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Paid Sick Leave for California Substitutes

While some jurisdictions have not yet adopted paid sick leave laws for part-time workers, the number that have has steadily risen over the last few years.  
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A Standing Ovation for Every Teacher

Heartfelt thanks to teachers from Frontline employees who know exactly what it’s like to work in education.

It’s not for the money. Nor the evenings spent grading papers, the calls from the occasional upset parent or the sink-or-swim “opportunity” in those first few years to develop the needed skills to manage a classroom.  
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Failure and a Growth Mindset

Any parent of an 8-year-old violinist can tell you: learning a complex skill requires time and room for mistakes. Think about how many times a baby ends up on his behind before he figures out how to stand and walk. Or consider any notable scientific discovery… a little digging will likely uncover a string of “failed” experiments that came before a breakthrough.  
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Podcast: ESSA vs. NCLB – What’s Different?

On December 10, 2015, President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and replacing the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.  
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New Data Report: How Special Educators Spend Their Work Day

It's not breaking news that the administrative side of working in special education can be overwhelming. Thanks to recent research, we can now quantify the approximate value of “overwhelming” – it amounts to several hours of each teacher’s time lost to paperwork — every week. That adds up fast.
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Learning Management Systems versus Professional Development Management: 

Why native K-12 knowledge is necessary

Though many organizations have heard the term “learning management system” (LMS), only those in the educational space have heard the term "Professional Development Management System" (PDMS), and for good reason: the two do not perform the same functions or meet the same objectives. That matters to any educational organization considering which type of system they need.
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How The Every Student Succeeds Act Impacts Professional Development: Collaborative and Job-Embedded

Are you looking for ways to measure and refine your professional learning program? Are you comfortable with the ESSA definitions of professional development? Curious how to make meaningful changes to foster collaboration among your staff and truly offer job-embedded learning?
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