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Insights & ideas for K-12 education leaders.

5 Reasons Teachers Love Competency-based Learning & Micro-credentials

Schools and districts across the country are turning to competency-based learning, using tools like micro-credentials for teacher development. As opposed to traditional workshops, micro-credentials allow learners to gain and demonstrate mastery of skills incrementally. They’re changing the way educators think about professional development, and recent research indicates that teachers love them.  
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5 Reasons to Manage Teacher Professional Development & Learning Online

Google “online professional development” and you’ll find scads of articles about taking online PD courses. That’s great (we believe online courses can play a big role in meeting teachers’ needs — more on that later), but we’re thinking bigger.  
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10 Sessions We Can’t Wait to See at AASPA

Are you ready to reach for the stars at AASPA’s 79th Annual Conference? We’re counting down the days until the conference begins, and we can’t wait to see everyone there! There’s so much we’re looking forward to: four days full of learning, the chance to hear about the innovation happening in HR districts across the country and meet some of the most brilliant minds in the field — not to mention the beautiful surroundings and sunny warmth of Phoenix, Arizona.  
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[Special Ed Report] Classification Rates by State.

By 2014-15 the number of children served under IDEA was 6.6 million or 13% of total public school enrollment.  When looking at this data, districts, schools and educators must consider equity in education and the appropriateness of the classification of special needs students in and across states.  
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4 Takeaways from a Summer of Museum-based Professional Development

Looking back at the 2017 Teacher-in-Residence program at the Boston Museum of Science

The Boston Museum of Science can make a prestigious claim: it’s New England’s most-attended cultural institution. With world-class interactive exhibits (think IMAX and planetarium shows, 4-D films, a butterfly garden and hands-on demonstrations), programs and K-12 curricula, it opens the world of STEM to over 1.5 million visitors each year.
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Are We Still Providing FAPE?

What the Endrew F. Ruling Means for Your Program.

Following the March 2017 U.S. Supreme Court ruling on special education, what does FAPE actually mean for the over 6.6 million students currently receiving special education in U.S. public schools? How should a student’s needs be met and tracked? Is FAPE different for a student with behavioral difficulties that impact learning and participation?   
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Warning: Is your district at risk of a cyber security breach?

Just this month, over 143 million American discovered their sensitive information was compromised by a massive security breach at Equifax. Once again Americans find themselves scrambling to update passwords and wondering when the scammer emails and phone calls will start rolling in.  
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The Biggest Issues Facing K-12 Superintendents in 2017

The job of superintendent is one of the most challenging in a school district. Meeting school board and community expectations while ensuring high academic performance is no easy task — especially with tightening budgets and evolving federal mandates.  
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Interview: How Should U.S. Student Achievement Results Inform Professional Development for Teachers?

As states submit ESSA plans, student achievement goals are again under the microscope. And earlier this year, the Pew Research Center highlighted results showing that U.S. student achievement trails behind that of many other developed countries.  
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