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Learning Management Systems versus Professional Development Management: 

Why native K-12 knowledge is necessary

Though many organizations have heard the term “learning management system” (LMS), only those in the educational space have heard the term "Professional Development Management System" (PDMS), and for good reason: the two do not perform the same functions or meet the same objectives. That matters to any educational organization considering which type of system they need.
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We Survived: What Flu Season Taught Us about Employee Absences

Let’s take a look at some of the year’s employee absence data, courtesy of the Frontline Research & Learning Institute. We’ve compared the average number of illness-related employee absences compared to CDC flu trends to see how the past flu season has impacted the country’s schools.
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Supreme Court Ruling on Special Education: What's Next for Schools?

The question of whether or not our country needs a new standard for supporting special education students has now been answered by a unanimous and affirmative decision from the U.S. Supreme Court. In a 0-8 decision, the Supreme Court sided in favor of expanding the rights for children with disabilities. But immediately following the court's ruling last month, a series of new questions — both from inside and outside of the education community — started to pop up in the news and on social media. 
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The Case Against Cutting Off Our Teacher Talent Pipeline

President Trump’s budget proposes massive spending cuts to critical—but often overlooked—funding for the preparation, training and recruitment of high-quality teachers. Title IIa of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, funded at over $2 billion for the last 15 years, including upwards of $2.9 billion under the Bush-era No Child Left Behind Act, would be cut to nothing. 
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Why are teachers leaving the education profession?

Teachers are the salt of the earth. Few other roles focus so exclusively on improving the world, on building up the next generation. Few influential figures can’t recall with fondness at least one educator who played a large role in shaping the course of their lives.
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It’s Past Time: Why We Need Civil Discourse In Education

Why do we need civil discourse now more than ever before?

Based on a shared belief in collegial discourse, hearing different perspectives and pulling together some of the top expertise in education, The Line was born.  
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5 Keys to Understanding Online Learning

The essential things you need to know about leveraging online learning to support the training and development of your employees.

You’ve probably heard a lot of terms around online learning like synchronous and asynchronous, on demand, blended, eLearning, and if you’re really paying attention, LMS and SCORM. It probably feels like a lot to learn for something that’s just an augmentation to face-to-face learning, right? 
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Special Education and the Teacher Shortage

An online search for “teacher shortage” will quickly return 435,000 results. Each day yields more headlines about school districts who struggle to hire enough teachers — more than half of school districts we surveyed in 2016 said they were experiencing a shortage.  
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Boston Museum of Science Teacher-in-Residence scholarship

Perhaps you’ve seen the Ben Stiller movie Night at the Museum, where the exhibits come alive at night. While we can’t make you a movie star, we can offer you a unique opportunity to make science come alive for your students with a Boston Museum of Science Teacher-in Residence scholarship from Frontline Education.  
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