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How to Tell If Your Professional Development Is Working

Schools spend billions of dollars and countless hours each year on professional learning. The big question: how do you tell if that time and money has a demonstrable impact on teachers’ classroom practice?

Teacher Evaluation: WHY It Matters and HOW We Can Do Better

Having highly qualified, effective teachers in our nation’s classrooms matters. So how can we effectively implement good teacher evaluation systems?

Program Evaluation for Effective Professional Development

This guide to program evaluation for professional development can help power meaningful changes in teaching practices at your school.

Professional Development Program Evaluation: Using Surveys, Interviews, Focus Groups and Observations

In the previous article in this series on evaluating teacher professional development, I shared that evaluation questions drive data collection and asked, “How would we know what data to collect, and from whom, if we haven’t settled on the questions

eBook: Professional Development Program Evaluation for the Win!

Learn why and how to evaluate your professional development programs so your professional development makes a difference in the classroom.

How to Create Effective Reports for Communicating Professional Development Program Evaluation Results

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew when our professional learning programs were successful? What if we knew more than just the fact that teachers liked the presenter, were comfortable in the room or learned something new?

Students Evaluating Teachers: It’s Time to Ask the Kids…and Then Listen to Them

One day Alan*, a high school student in my special education English class, exclaimed in frustration, “All we ever do in here is read and write!” It was a proud moment for me. A huge compliment. That statement validated for me that I was doing it

How to Apply for a Frontline Scholarship to the Learning Forward Academy

Are you passionate about supporting and leading professional learning within your organization? If so, you may be familiar with the Learning Forward Academy — a rich blended learning experience immersing participants in inquiry- and problem-based

Q&A with Learning Forward Academy Scholarship Winners

In December 2012, I graduated from the Learning Forward Academy (LFA), a compelling two and a half year blended learning experience where participants collaboratively solve significant “problems of practice” related to educator and student

Mentor Teachers, Align!

Teacher mentoring has a prime place in Greece Central’s professional learning program. Here’s how they ensure it helps them reach their district’s goals.

Effective Strategies for Analyzing Professional Development Data: It’s Not As Hard As You Think!

I remember struggling through my college statistics class. Just the term “data analysis” made me cringe. After all, I was going to be a teacher, not a scientist! Now that I’ve spent years collecting and analyzing data I’ve learned, I don’t need

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