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The Guide to Retention-focused Recruitment

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When you think of recruiting and retention, do you think of them as being connected, or as separate units? If the latter, you might find it helpful to think of recruiting and retention as two sides of the same coin.

Focusing on retention can help alleviate some of the struggles school districts have recently faced, like dwindling applicant pools and vacant positions that need to be quickly filled with highly qualified 21st century educators.

What exactly is retention-focused recruitment? It’s one of the main drivers of a modern recruiting strategy and can help you attract and retain educators that align with your district’s mission and values. Retention-focused recruitment aims to break down siloes, increase communication and transparency between departments (like HR and Finance), place the candidate at the center of the recruiting process, and increase retention rates for new employees. This unified strategy is collaborative, employee-focused, and strategic.

The good news? There are actionable steps you can follow to carry out a retention focus throughout your district!

This downloadable guide will help you get started with retention-focused recruitment and set you up for success to recruit and retain top talent!

Ready to diversify your recruiting efforts? Get started now!

Retention-Focused Recruitment PDF Mockup

Ready to modernize your recruiting process?

Download this guide now for the 4 steps you’ll need to implement a retention-focused recruitment strategy and position your district for success to recruit the 21st century educator!


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