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Applicant Tracking Software for K-12 Education


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Quickly and efficiently bring the very best talent into your school district.


Hiring shouldn’t make you want to weep — unless they’re tears of joy. Applicant Tracking (formerly AppliTrack Recruiting) makes it easy to navigate even the most complex hiring processes, so you can quickly find and hire your next great employee.


Recruit K-12 Talent

Ensure a deeper applicant pool by recruiting applicants online or at job fairs, without adding to your workload.


Manage Interviews

Easily schedule interviews, access our library of 1,400 K-12-specific questions and create custom questionnaires online.


Target Qualified Candidates

Narrow your options down to find the most qualified candidates by targeting specific qualifications and importing “people to watch” lists.


Hire Applicants Faster

Track the hiring status of applicants across all your vacancies, manage candidate data online and automate each step of the process.

We use Recruiting & Hiring and Central day in and day out to initiate our onboarding process and convert our applicants to employees.

Deliris Lorenzo

Director of Labor Relations and Employment Services, East Orange School District

Applicant Tracking Software: Part of a Holistic Recruiting & Hiring Solution

When you hire a new employee, you’re strengthening the entire organization. But too often the minutiae and back-and-forth of the hiring process make it easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

Applicant Tracking empowers you to reclaim your time and gain insights that help you recruit and hire more effectively – and it’s just one part of the full Frontline Recruiting & Hiring solution!

Unlike other hiring software, Frontline Recruiting & Hiring is a comprehensive system for recruiting and hiring in education. Our dedication to K-12 education is reflected in every part of the software ⁠— from proactively engaging with potential applicants through the top job board for K-12 job-seekers, from a library of vetted interview questions; to applicant assessments tailored for teachers, administrators and other K-12-specific positions; to built-in reports that allow you to explore your hiring data and benchmark it against other education organizations.


Explore the Full Solution


Provide a Better Applicant Experience

  • Streamline the application process and allow job-seekers to apply online
  • Communicate more effectively with applicants, without taking up more of your time
  • Say goodbye to phone tag with automated interview scheduling tools and more

Reach More Job-seekers Online

  • Gain access to unlimited education job postings on K12JobSpot, the top job board for K-12 job-seekers
  • Advertise open positions more widely by easily sharing jobs on your district website, social media pages and more
  • Proactively reach out to qualified candidates with customized, automated recruitment campaigns

Save Time by Managing the Hiring Process Online

  • Sort and filter through applications to quickly identify top candidates and weed out unqualified applicants
  • Ease communication with stakeholders across the district, like principals and hiring committees, with built-in communication features and notes
  • Hire more quickly with automated workflows that let you move candidates through the process with record speed
  • With Frontline Central, export candidate data with a click of a button for easier onboarding once hiring decisions are made, and automatically populate the new employee's staff profile

Explore Your Data & Refine Your Strategy

  • Discover trends and gain the insight you need to be proactive with powerful reporting capabilities
  • Benchmark your district’s performance on key recruiting and hiring metrics against national, regional and like-district norms with the exclusive Institute report
  • Stay on top of district hiring trends and see what needs your attention with at-a-glance dashboards

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