A Strategic Approach to Attract, Engage, Grow & Retain K-12 Talent

Research continues to show that the greatest single impact on student success lies with the educator. And yet teachers are leaving the field at alarming rates, while fewer and fewer new graduates fill their place.

With limited time, resources and funding, how can school systems address the challenges of managing employees? This challenge is not an "HR problem." It requires the support and experience of every leader in the district. It requires a strategic approach to attracting, engaging, growing and retaining K-12 talent.

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Key Indicators of a Strong Strategy

While this looks different in every school system, some key indicators of a strong human capital management strategy emerge as you look at the successes across many districts.


Building and maintaining a high-performing employee culture


Insights-driven decision-making  


Unified view of recruiting, hiring, developing and retaining employees


Cross-departmental collaboration  


Setting goals and measuring results using data and benchmarks


Employee engagement, efficiency and effectiveness